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B-Side Stereo


Mercredi 12 Décembre 2012 Atomics a sorti son deuxième album de studio appelé b-Side STEREO…

Disponible en iTunes Store ou Archambault.

Wednesday December 12th 2012 Atomics released his second studio album called b-Side STEREO…

Available now on iTunes Store or Archambault.

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Atomics Performing @ FMD de Montréal

Atomics rocked, well I better say…  exploded with their infectious electro beats the stage of Mode et Design Festival in Montréal city 

The Mode et Design Festival de Montréal turns Montreal’s downtown core into a giant catwalk, featuring a series of free outdoor fashion shows, attracting in the upwards of 500,000 people…

All About Fashion… Atomics worked with Cin Tailleurs for the Styling and Sim Minerals for the Make up, a big thanks for Christophe Guitart for the Hair.

Atomics Show host the Saturday 6th August with their infectious electro beats and the new Atomics V.1.2

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